Aaron Swartz: Dark Knight of the Web



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In 2013, The New Yorker would write an intimate portrait of tech entrepreneur and Co-founder of Reddit, Aaron Swartz, calling him brilliant and beloved. 

But the people who knew him best saw a darker side. “This, I suppose, is the actual problem,” Swartz once wrote, long before his death. “I feel my existence is an imposition on the planet.” 

His girlfriend would tragically find him dead on January 11, 2013. A young man was pushed to the edge by an overzealous Massachusetts Attorney General who charged him with 13 felony counts for hacking into the MIT database JSTOR. His supporters believed it was an unfair punishment for a victimless crime, and the government was ruthless in their pursuit against him.

Join us on a supernatural journey as we explore the short but brilliant life of Internet prodigy and Freedom of Information activist Aaron Swartz. We investigate what led to his tragic death, explore the dark side of justice and the government’s lethal assault to convict an innocent man.


Aaron Swartz


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Produced by – Kosmic Media

Created & Written by – Jacy Nova

Producers – Jacy Nova and Thom Dre

Narrators – Eduardo Fahey, Thom Dre, and Jacy Nova

Sound Engineer – Noah Shanklin

Audio Engineer – Chris Lang

Designer – Paulina Szymanska

Music – Audiojungle



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