Jayne Mansfield: Secret Hollywood Curse



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Jayne Mansfield’s got her first taste of stardom as a nightclub entertainer and a singer, and one of the early Playboy Playmates. 

A blond bombshell, she was touted in magazines as the next Marlyn Monroe and became a Hollywood sex symbol during the 1950s and early 1960s while under contract at 20th Century Fox. But, her road to fame would not be an easy one.

Like Monroe, her life end on a tragic note. In the early hours of June 29, 1967, while traveling from a nightclub in Biloxi, Mississippi, en route to New Orleans, her car would slam into the back of a stopped semi-tractor trailer truck at 80 miles per hour.

Jayne Mansfield, her boyfriend Samuel Brody, and their driver Ronnie Harrison were killed instantly. But by the grace of God, her three children, who were sitting in the back seat, survived the devastating accident.

Join us on a supernatural journey as we explore Jayne Mansfield’s rise to fame and fortune, the deadly curse surrounding her haunted estate, and the final days leading up to her shocking death.

Jayne Mansfield


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Written by – Jacy Nova

Narration by – Eduardo Fahey, Thom Dre, and Jacy Nova

Produced by – Jacy Nova + Thom Dre

Audio Producer – Christopher Lang

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