Amityville Murders: Haunting Tale of the DeFeo Family



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On November 13, 1974, in the early hours of the morning in Amityville, New York, six DeFeo family members would be shot in their beds at close range with a .35 caliber rifle. 

Neighbors claimed they didn’t hear any gunshots, only heard the family’s dog, Shaggy, barking. Twenty-three-year-old Ronald “Butch” DeFeo Jr., the oldest child and the only family member to survive the massacre, initially tried to pin the murders on a mob hitman but confessed one day later to killing his entire family. 

Join us on a supernatural journey as we tell the chilling tale of the DeFeo family. We investigate their shocking murders that would later lead to the haunting of the Amityville home at 112 Ocean Avenue.



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Produced by – Kosmic Media

Created & Written by – Jacy Nova

Producers – Jacy Nova and Thom Dre

Narrators – Eduardo Fahey, Thom Dre, and Jacy Nova

Sound Engineer – Noah Shanklin

Audio Engineer – Chris Lang

Designer – Paulina Szymanska

Music – Audiojungle



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