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New updated Dragonfly, Brett Cantor Murder Mystery with Casefile Presents!

Premieres July 18, 2023 – dragonflypodcast.com

The mystery of Brett Cantor’s murder still haunts Hollywood like a ghost. He was the son of influential music manager Paul Cantor, who helped shape the careers of superstars such as BJ Thomas and Dionne Warwick. Brett followed in his father’s footsteps after graduating from Beverly Hills High to become an A&R rep for Chrysalis Music.

As a music promoter, he had a keen eye for talent and is credited for discovering bands like Rage Against the Machine. By age 25, Brett was tapped by nightlife kingpin Steve Edelson to become a partner in the nightclub, Dragonfly. There, he ran a popular hip-hop night called Riot and threw some of the biggest raves in Hollywood.

On July 30, 1993, Brett Cantor’s life in the fast lane took a deadly turn. He left Club 435 North in Beverly Hills at 1 am and headed home to West Hollywood. Three hours later, he would be dead.

Dragonfly, the new true-crime podcast series, is the cold case investigation of Brett Cantor. We uncover the harrowing details of the music promoter’s final days, murder, and the eerie aftermath documented by his family and friends. 

We feature exclusive interviews with Brett Cantor’s family, including his mother, Ronnie, and brother Marc. Also, Rose McGowan, the original homicide detectives assigned to his case including Detective Rick Jackson, business partners, and friends.

It’s one true crime story you will never forget.

Official Dragonfly website: http://dragonflypodcast.com/


Show Notes



Producers – Jacy Nova, Thom Dre, and Pat Tapia

Narrators – Eduardo Fahey, Jacy Nova, Thom Dre, and Pat Tapia

Head of Investigation – Pat Tapia & Paul Delhauer

Writers – Jacy Nova

Research – Thom Dre

Audio Producer – Christopher Lang

Video Producer – Nancy Razk

Designer – Paulina Szymanska

Music – Audiojungle



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  1. Renee McRaven

    When will the next show be out?

    • Jacy Nova

      Hi Renee, thanks for your comment. Brett Cantor’s story has been pushed to early fall release. Unfortunately, we had to delay the premiere of the podcast due to production delays over the coronavirus. However, we have completed interviews with the original detectives, family, and friends. The show will premiere in November 2020. Thanks for listening and we will keep you posted on updates.

      • Renee McRaven

        Thanks for letting me know! I’ll look for it.

  2. Anon

    I know you and others connected to this tragic case are adamant Brett’s murder had nothing to do with Ron’s and Nicole’s, but it will always be a strange coincidence Ron worked for him at the Dragonfly and Nicole liked to frequent the Dragonfly with her friends and then they all get brutally stabbed to death within a year of each other.


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