Marc Bolan: Rock n Roll’s Deadly Curse of T.Rex



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“I feel there is a curse on rock stars. I honestly feel it could all end tomorrow. Not just the band thing – I mean life.”

The words of Marc Bolan, the hippy mystical mod from London’s east end who applied glitter under his eyes in the 1970s and in the process invented glam rock to become one of rock music’s biggest and brightest stars… until a moonlit night in September two weeks before his 30th birthday dimmed his light just as suddenly as it had burst onto the scene.

Marc Bolan loved cars. Cars ruled his life. It was a car that took him away to rock star nirvana… the irony? Marc Bolan couldn’t drive. The idea of driving scared him to death.

He also famously told his manager he would like to die in a Mini. His wish came true.

On 16 September 1977, Bolan was riding in a Mini 1275GT driven by his girlfriend, Gloria Jones, as they headed home from Morton’s drinking club and restaurant in Berkeley Square. After missing a curve on a bridge near Gipsy Lane on Queens Ride, Barnes, southwest London, the car struck a fence post and then a tree. Bolan was killed instantly, while Jones suffered a broken arm and broken jaw.

This is the story of the Hackney Dandy in the Rock n Roll Underworld; of Marc Bolan, the elf-like man-child who blew everyone away with his laser love.

Join us on a supernatural rock-n-roll journey through the life and death of Marc Bolan. We uncover the shocking details, examine the mystical facts, and unravel the paranormal mystery behind the death of the lead singer of the glam rock band, T. Rex.

This is Death by Misadventure.

Marc Bolan

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  1. Nigel H Seymour

    I recall being at school and several girls all going to see a Mark Bolan concert… The day after one of the girls came over to me and showed me some really lovely poloroid Swinger photo’s of Mark with that wonderful satin yellow jacket on… Stephanie who had been to the concert was in rapture’s and almost in tear’s of joy when she described Mark…All it did for me is to make me more determined I wanted to do something similar. What I learned about Mark was that he was absolutely unique in his genre of music, developing that unique sound which somehow superseded every other sound around at that time, no matter which great pop star it was, Mark seemed to supersede them all, and he still does so today. If there is an aspiring pop star emerging then I would be advising them to listen to Mark Bolan for without a doubt they would learn something!


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