Gram Parsons: Death AT JOSHUA TREE INN



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In July of 1973, Gram Parsons’ life would take a deadly turn when his Topanga Canyon home would burn down after the careless toss of a cigarette.

The country rock singer and his wife Gretchen would escape the smoky inferno with just the clothes on their back, along with his guitar and prized Jaguar. The fire proved to be the last straw in his rocky relationship and would mark an abrupt end to his short-lived marriage.

His life in tatters, Gram would move in with his close friend Phil Kaufman. On the weekend, he would hang out in Joshua Tree along with his ex-girlfriend Margaret Fisher to chase the desert night searching for UFOs and party.

On September 17th, Gram would drive his Jag to the desert one last time to meet up with friends at the Joshua Tree Inn, and check into Room Number 8.

He spent the next 48 hours in alcohol and drug-fueled haze, and on the evening of September 18th, his lifeless body was discovered in a lonely motel room, and on September 19th, he was declared dead on arrival at the local Yucca Valley hospital.

However, his chilling story doesn’t end there, on the morning of September 21st, tourists visiting the Joshua Tree National Park would stumble across a burning coffin. Inside they would find the charred remains of the dead country star.

Join us on a supernatural journey, as we tour the musical history of Gram Parsons, explore the mystical facts, and investigate the mysterious death of one of country music’s most charismatic singers.

This is Death by Misadventure.

Gram Parsons

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