Brian Jones: Sympathy for the Devil



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Brian Jones, a founding member of The Rolling Stones, was discovered motionless at the bottom of his pool at 11:15 PM on the night of July 2, 1969, at his Cotchford Farm estate.

It was less than a month after being kicked out of one of the most famous rock bands in the world.

Janet Ann Lawson who discovered his lifeless body said Jones had eaten dinner with friends that evening, and they had gone to the pool for drinks. Later that night, Anna Wohlin, Frank Thorogood and Brian Jones had gone for a swim. Anna had gone back to the house to answer the phone and Jones then asked Lawson to go and find his inhaler and bring it down to the pool. Frank Thorogood and Brian were then left alone in the pool.

His Swedish girlfriend, Anna, was convinced Jones was still alive when he was dragged out of the pool, and insisted he still had a pulse. However, by the time the ambulance arrived after midnight, it was too late and the rock star at the tender age of 27 was pronounced dead.

The circumstances surrounding Jones death to this day are considered mysterious.  The coroner’s report stated it was a “death by misadventure,” and noted drug and alcohol abuse massively enlarged his liver and heart, but many people believe Frank Thorogood murdered him.

Join us on a supernatural journey as we explore the conspiracy theories, investigate the mystical facts, dive into Brian Jones’ rise to rock stardom, and reveal the deadly curse behind the 27 Club.

This is Death by Misadventure.

Brian Jones

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