Creator, Producer, and Co-host

Jacy is the Creator, Producer, Co-Writer, and Co-Host of Death by Misadventure. She’s a Psychic-Astrologer who first discovered her mystical abilities at the age of four after a near-death experience in a drowning accident. Born under the sign of Virgo with the Life Path Number 11, she believes in the magic of the supernatural world and will lift the veil of darkness to explore how Astrology may have played a role in the rock stars final days. Jacy currently lives in San Francisco with her fiance and has one amazing son.


Co-host and Associate Producer

Thom is the Co-host, Associate Producer, and Numerologist of Death by Misadventure. The author of the new Numerology book, “What’s My Number,” he has had a fascination with numbers since the age of four. Born under the sign of Cancer with the Life Path Number 8, Thom will merge the two worlds of musical and mystical to help shine a light on the deaths of our favorite rock stars and unlock the mystery of their tragic end with the help of Numerology. Thom is originally from Houston and currently lives in Los Angeles.


Co-host and Music Producer

Paul is the Co-host and Music Producer for Death by Misadventure. He was the lead guitarist of the folk-swing band, Dan Hicks & the Hot Licks for twenty years, and is a Music Teacher. Paul has toured extensively and shared the stage with Al Stewart, Bob Weir, Don Was, and Steve Winwood to name a few. Born under the sign of Aries with the Life Path Number 7, he enjoys exploring the mysteries of the afterlife and discovering what secrets the supernatural may reveal in the untimely deaths of these famous rock stars. Paul currently lives in San Francisco with his fiance and son.



Eduardo is a Narrator and Co-host for Death by Misadventure. A student of Theology and the nature of the divine, Eduardo is born under the sign of Capricorn and is fascinated by the supernatural world. A recent graduate of the School of Divinity at Edinburgh University, he currently is an actor and musician living in London.


Master Storyteller

Mitch is the Master-Storyteller for Death by Misadventure with a rock and roll heart. Born under the sign of Libra with the Life Path Number 22, he’s fascinated by the supernatural, and the uncanny connections between the seen and the unseen, and the way we are touched by things we can’t control. Strongly empathic, he believes nothing is simply black or white; and life is brimming with endless cosmic nuances and tantalizing possibilities. He lives in London writing screenplays, biographies, as well as children’s stories and is the father of three beautiful sons.

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